CUPOLA by Bill Cravis

Created during a one-month residency at Budapest Art Factory, Hungary, July 2019.

This work is loosely inspired – very loosely inspired – by the dome of Szent István Bazilika (St Stephen’s Basilica) in Budapest.  In particular, the inside of my dome refers to the wildly ornate interior space of the Bazilika.  Whereas the actual cupola of Szent István Bazilika was created in the rich, Neo-Renaissance style, my version utilizes the most ubiquitous material of the 21st century: Plastic.  Artworks of any given time period are a reflection of the cultural values and the dominant modes of representation of that time.  It is hard to dispute that the material with which we surround ourselves currently – at home, at work, at the market – is plastic, above all. 

CUPOLA is intended to be a humorous, interactive artwork – a space into which you are invited to enter, relax and reflect.  It is an earnest attempt at “upcycling” material that is readily and abundantly available to a visiting artist from the U.S. 

Many thanks to the artists and staff of BAF for the opportunity and for making me feel welcome. Thanks to all those who contributed plastic bags for the project. Special thanks to BAF intern, Leila Pashaeva, without whose assistance I could not have made the work.

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